Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fly over

Let's go and see while he randomizes things. Let the people do what they have been meant to do. Let them stare and do their shitty best to figure out what our plans and intentions are. Let the people judge and care and understand what it not for them to judge or care or understand at all. Let them gobble down everything they feel is important for them, for it will keep them satisfied and happy and out of the way. Let them have the stuff they need to feel better about themselves so that they can move on and not bother about us.

So what was this about? Again? Hahaha. The thumbarom of the ghoplisootit and the blookabod was a zonkamom of a delfooq because that is what the jimbum is freeju about. You know what? Nothing at all. There is nothing at all. You will have nothing to do or say because there is nothing at all over here or over there where the sun booms. The light is darker on the other side as the day is not enough to lighter up your mood or whatever emotion you ride. Flavour is an essence which you will enjoy only when you condescend low enough to understand at that certain minimum level.

I can go with the flow. The flow is constant and the cosmic energy will bind the meaning together and present it to you in a colourful way. I shall now declare this absurd and blank. If it were meaningless and pointless, it would not have been able to express itself. Look carefully, there is a way and there is a way. Yes. Indeed.

Everything is now a thing. Think things and you will get it. Think tanks and you are there. Thoughts are infinite. They will remain and they will survive. The mind is vast and never empty. So think closely and think clearly. In the end, it all comes from there and everyone knows that. So you never realized the existence of what this is about? Robots will take over. What? Hahaha. Anyway. This is done.