Sunday, October 02, 2011


Ever noticed how weird it gets when you're trying to give a shit and then it just blows up in your face. You can never do well enough to try hard. You don't really need to. All it takes is just a little patience. Your time will come. I am Senko, the morbid songwriter. But who cares, right?

I understand the Joker. I pay heed to his words. It's all about the thinking. You see, when you're living in a world where everything is sorted, you gotta go with the flow. And that's when the randomness stops being appreciated. Then comes the awkwardness. But is not of importance at all.

Ah, the joker of the class. The guy everyone trips on. He's been positioned well, hasn't he? It's about taking those little things about the guy and broadcasting it to the world. Make his day. Make his trip. Take his trip.
 A class teacher. It's a hard thankless job these days. You see, his job - what he does everyday - depends only on the students' attention. His purpose of his profession only depends on their focus in class. It's gotta be painful and a blow to his self worth when he seed no one cares what he says in class. Poor guy.

Happy Teacher's  Day.


And then there's the whole thing about competing. Cage war. Another one bites the dust. But it's all fun when you're balanced in the head.